How it Works

Up to 10 Greener and 10 Greenest of the most outstanding submissions from Project Green Challenge (PGC) 2019 will be chosen as daily winners and awarded points to redeem in the PGC Prize Store. Greener wins = 75 prize points, Greenest wins = 100 prize points. Check the Winners page to see if you’re selected!

New products & product bundles will be added to the PGC Prize Store throughout the month of October. Check back to see what new and exciting products have been added!

If you are selected as a winner, you will receive an email from the Turning Green team with your account information. Prize points expire on November 15, 2019. Limit of one of any specific item per shipment. Orders with less than 3 items or under 50 prize points will be held until additional items are purchased. Orders will be shipped every Monday. Orders need to be received by 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Friday to be shipped the following Monday.